GTA 5 Ped/Model Creator

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Start creating your own peds for GTA 5 game using the GTA 5 Ped/Model Creator today!

Finally, a program for GTA 5 that will allow gamers to create their own peds. This should have been included in the game from the start!

The GTA 5 ped/model Creator 3000 will allow users to create their own peds without taking long and boring courses in modeling and without the need to learn how to rig their own characters. 

This tech is much more simplified than GIMS Evo and even comes with its own installer for Open IV.

Character face modeling - Modelling / Sculpting | Face topology, Topology,  Character

All you need to do is create using the morphing panels to morph the shape of your characters and boom! Your peds are created and they are automatically rigged and ready for gameplay!

Say goodbye to Zmodeler 3 and Gims Evo or any other modeling software that may be used to create your characters. The GTA 5 Ped/Model Creator is a game-changer for gamers who really want to get creative with their GTA 5 characters and take their gaming and storytelling to the next level!

Gamers now have the ability to create their own mods directly on GTA 5. You can even transfer your characters to your Playstation or Xbox after you create them.